Using solar gain from the sun to generate electricity


    Wind turbines use this endless but intermittent resource of energy to produce electricity for our homes and businesses


    Harvesting plant life such as trees and crops to be burned in boilers for heating and hot water requirements


    The process of decomposition of organic material without the use of oxygen


    Generating electricity through the movement of water


    The process of using hot energy pockets from the earth’s core to provide electricity

Welcome To OrangEnergy

With every increasing fuel prices and the treat of global warming, more and more people are looking to reduce their fuel bills and do something for the environment.

The UK government is also under a lot of pressure to reduce CO2 emissions in the UK too. They have been set a 15% reduction by the year 2020 (and 80% by 2050!).

With this in mind, the government has put plans in place to assist people to do this in the form of grant incentives, as there is a significant investment required in becoming ‘greener’. These grants are designed to pay for the investment over a set period of time, and in some cases, can also act as a good investment vehicle giving a year on year Return on Investment (RoI).


OrangEnergy is here to assist you in your journey in becoming ‘Greener’ in order to make sure you are given the right advice and end up with the right system for your requirements.

Whether your project is for a small residential property, multiple properties or a large commercial property, OrangEnergy will be able to guide you through the decision making process to ensure you end up with the right solution, right products, installers and financers to maximize your opportunity. .

OrangEnergy can Assist With The Following:

Up-to-date information on all renewable energy technologies to ensure you not only install the right technology, but to ensure it is the right product within that technology group, and that you have the right installation partner.

A recommended energy solution for your home or business based on your current bills.

  • Building the ‘business case’ for investing in a renewable solution in order to assist you in your decision making process Finance options to assist in fully or part financing – whether domestic or commercial
  • Finance companies to fund your investment.

The right installation partner through a small select group of specialist companies

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